Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Pie

1 15 OZ can Pumpkin
1 tsp Cinnamon
½ tsp Ginger
¼ tsp Clove
½ tsp Salt

1 cup Pine Nut Milk
½ to ¾ cup Agave
2 eggs slightly beaten

Mix Pumpkin and Spices together. In a small bowl slightly beat eggs and add Pine Nut Milk and Agave, mix slowly into the pumpkin mixture just until thoroughly mixed. Pour into Pie Shell and bake at 425° for 15 min then reduce temp to 350° for an additional 40-60 min or until knife comes out clean.

Pine Nut Milk
½ cup Pine Nuts ground in blender as fine as possible
Add 1 cup water ¼ cup at a time blending or liquefying thoroughly with each addition.

Crust for 1 Pie
¾ cup Spelt or Kamut Flour
¼ cup butter
Dash of salt
(grating the butter into Flour and Salt before cutting in saves on time)
2-3 TBS Cold Water

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